The TRB20K51series of onboard SPD products are specially designed to meet the stringent requirements that onboard miniaturized SPDs not ignite under extreme power frequency overload. This product also meets the latest requirements for TOV overload performance and other performance requirements in IEC61643:11-2011, GB18802.11-2016 and the third edition of UL1449; it meets the requirement of not igniting under power frequency overload 800V 100A.

   The core technical advantage of the TRB20K51series of onboard SPD products is the use of our company's top-level MOV chip with controllable melt-through point. The power-frequency current melt-through point is completely controlled in the center area of ​​the chip, and the thermal detachment low-temperature solder point is designed on the protruding copper sheet in the middle. , A refractory piece of metal with a melting point is used under the protruding copper piece, which is difficult to be penetrated by the molten fluid in a short period of time. The smooth movement tripping method is adopted to increase the tripping distance, eliminate the possibility of arcing, improve reliability and save space. This structure is only applicable to MOVs produced by our company whose melting point is within the center radius of 0.5cm. If the MOV melting point is not in the central area, the effect will be significantly reduced.

This solution will be used in the design of reliable and miniaturized SPD (module thickness 12mm). The thermal detachment mechanism is optimized and designed based on this feature to achieve the fastest thermal conductivity and excellent thermal detachment efficiency.

  • Electrical Characteristics
  • Typ name
  • SPD type
  • Max. continuous operating ac. voltage (50 / 60 Hz) (Uc)
  • Voltage protective level(Up) (kv)
  • Nominal discharge current (8/20μs) (In)
  • Max. discharge current (8/20μs) (Imax)
  • Max impulse current(10/350μs)Iimp(kA)
  • Residual Current
  • Follow current
  • Other Max.voaltge can be option
  • Mechanical Characteristics
  • Technology
  • SPD configuration
  • Connection to Network
  • Format
  • Plugable
  • Mounting
  • Housing material
    Flame retardant plastic
  • Working temperature
    -40℃-- +70℃
  • Degree of protection
  • Response time
  • Indication of invalidation
  • Remote of signalling
  • Dimension