Why some electricians are reluctant to install surge protectors


Why some electricians are reluctant to install surge protectors

   There may be several reasons why many electricians are reluctant to install surge protectors. Here are some possible scenarios:

   Lack of understanding and trust: Surge protectors originated abroad. The industrial control standard 35mm rail snap-on pluggable SPD lightning protection modules represented by Germany and France began to be introduced to China on a large scale in 1992. Subsequently, integrated box-type power surge arresters represented by the United Kingdom and the United States also began to be used. Some electricians may lack understanding of what surge protectors do and how they work, or may be skeptical of their performance and reliability. As a result, they may be reluctant to install a surge protector or see no need for it in their electrical systems.

   Cost considerations: Surge protectors, as an additional safety device, come at an additional cost. Some electricians may believe that adding a surge protector to an electrical system is unnecessary, especially for small or low-risk electrical systems.

   Difficulty Installation: In some older electrical systems, installing a surge protector may require additional wiring grounds and connections, which may increase the difficulty and cost of installation. Some electricians may believe that installing a surge protector is an unnecessary hassle and risk.

   Low market demand: In some regions or industries, the demand for surge protectors may not be high, which may result in electricians lacking relevant experience and skills. Therefore, they may be unwilling or unfamiliar with how to properly install and use a surge protector.

   Lack of regulations and code requirements: In some regions or industries, there may not be clear regulations and codes requiring the use of surge protectors in electrical systems. This may result in electricians not having enough motivation or responsibility to install surge protectors.

   In short, there may be many reasons why electricians are reluctant to install surge protectors, including ignorance, lack of safety awareness, cost considerations, installation difficulties, low demand in some markets, and lack of regulations and specification requirements. However, as requirements for electrical safety continue to increase, the popularity and application of surge protectors has now been further enhanced.