Construction and installation of new equipment grounding system


According to the demand of designing and developing new surge protection devices and test lightning protection products by our technology department, our company eliminated the old simulated lightning detection system and upgraded a new simulated lightning detection system. While the new detection system satisfies the testing of type 2 surge protection device, it greatly improves the detection range of the type 1 surge protection device.

In order to meet the needs of the new simulated lightning detection system, we designed and installed a new lightning protection grounding system by ourselves.

Specific design The plan is as follows:

In the outdoor underground part, six two-meter-long hot-dip galvanized iron pipes are divided into three groups, a group of two hot-dip galvanized iron pipes, the two iron pipes in each group are separated by 20cm, and the iron pipes divided into three groups are separated by two between each group. Meter. The three groups are welded and connected by hot-dip galvanized flat iron with a length of 4 meters and a size of 4mm*40mm. After the welding completed, weld the same 4mm*40mm hot-dip galvanized flat iron to the lightning protection testing laboratory on the second floor, and weld the grounding of the simulated lightning test system. The new grounding system is also applicable to other testing equipments of lightning protection product.

Construction drawings:

Site conditions