The history of surge protectors in China


The history of surge protectors in China

  The development history of surge protectors in China can be traced back to the early 1990s. At that time, with the rapid development of China's economy and the acceleration of its modernization process, the demand for electricity continued to increase and the power system became increasingly complex. At the same time, due to transient overvoltage problems such as lightning and operating overvoltage of power systems, electrical accidents and equipment damage occur frequently, posing serious threats to people's lives and property. In order to solve these problems, surge protectors began to be introduced into China as an effective overvoltage protection device.

  In the early 1990s, industrial control standard 35mm rail snap-on pluggable SPD lightning protection modules, represented by Germany and France, and integrated box-type power surge arresters, represented by the United Kingdom and the United States, began to appear on the Chinese market. . The introduction of these surge protector products provides new solutions for electrical safety protection in the Chinese market.

  Over time, China's surge protector market has gradually expanded and its technical level has continued to improve. A number of companies engaged in the research, development, production and sales of surge protectors have begun to appear in China, and a relatively complete industrial chain has gradually formed. At the same time, the Chinese government has also strengthened supervision in the field of electrical safety and formulated a series of relevant standards and specifications to promote the healthy development of the surge protector industry.

  At present, China's surge protector industry has achieved considerable scale and strength. The products not only meet the needs of the domestic market, but are also exported to overseas markets. As a surge protector manufacturer, Tor Lightning Protection has been delivering high-quality products for 18 consecutive years. of surge protectors are sold to overseas markets. The surge protectors produced by our company have passed strict TÜV certification testing to ensure the excellent performance and quality of its products. Thor Lightning Protection's surge protector products have the characteristics of high reliability, high stability, and high adaptability, and can meet the needs of use in various complex environments. Whether it is severe cold or heat, plateau deserts, or humid tropics or high-altitude areas, Thor's lightning protection surge protectors can operate stably and provide reliable lightning transient overvoltage protection for various electronic and electrical equipment.

  In the future, with the continuous development of science and technology and the increasing social requirements for electrical safety, China's surge protector industry will continue to grow and play a more important role in protecting people's lives and property.