Is it necessary to install a surge protector in the household electric meter box?


Is it necessary to install a surge protector in the household electric meter box?


I believe many people will have such questions. Do you need a surge protector in your home?

Nowadays, in thunderstorm weather, especially under the action of induction lightning, household appliances will still be damaged. Installing a surge protector will also be a necessary choice, which is more conducive to improving the safety of household appliances.


First of all, we need to understand the classification protection of surge protectors:


The surge protector is divided into three levels according to the area that needs to be protected.

The first-level surge protector can be applied to the main power distribution cabinet in the building, which can discharge the direct lightning current, and the maximum discharge current is 80KA~200KA;

The second-level surge protector is used in the shunt power distribution cabinet of the building. It is a protection device for the participating voltage of the front-level lightning protector and the induced lightning strike in the area. The maximum discharge current is about 40KA;

The third-level surge protector is applied to the front end of important equipment (generally, it can be used as the bus front end of a small indoor meter box). The maximum discharge current is about 20kA.


Therefore, you can choose to install a surge protector with a third-level maximum discharge current of about 20kA in the household meter box.


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