Type2 TRSX-40 Lightning Protection Box


I:product description

TRSX series power supply lightning protection boxes are mainly used in meteorology, transportation, post and telecommunications, computer networks, electricity, residential distribution boxes, railways and other fields. Power supply lightning protection is divided into three levels: B, C, and D. According to the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) zoning lightning protection and multi-level protection theory, Level B lightning protection is the first level of lightning protection device and can be applied to main equipment in buildings. On the distribution cabinet: Class C lightning protection is a second-level lightning protection device, which is used in branch distribution cabinets of buildings; Class D lightning protection is a third-level lightning protection device, and the TRSX lightning protection box effectively suppresses radiation from AC power lines. to protect electrical equipment from induced lightning strikes and static electricity damage.


II:Main structure and working principle

The lightning protection box is connected in parallel to the front end of the protected equipment. Under normal operating voltage, the power supply lightning protection box is in a high resistance state and does not affect the normal operation of the circuit. When a line is struck by lightning and pulse overvoltage occurs, the power supply lightning protection box quickly turns on within a nanosecond, releasing the overvoltage to the earth. When the pulse overvoltage disappears, the power supply lightning protection box automatically returns to its high resistance value. status and does not affect the line power supply.



Electrical Characteristics
Parameter/Type Type2 TRSX-40
Protec ted mode L-PE;N-PE
Nominal volatge                                              Uₙ 380V AC
Maximum oper ating voltage                         Uc 385V AC
Nominal discharge current(8/20μs)                In 20kA
Maximum discharge current(8/20μs)          Imax 40KA
Voltage protection level                                  Up ≤2,0kV
Response time                                                  ta <25ns
The nominal cross-sectional area of the copper conductor for operation connection Single or multiple stranded copper wire: 6mm2- 25mm2
Fault indication red indication field
Degree of protection IP20
Range of operating temperatures      (min/max) -40℃~+70℃
Humidity range 5%~95%
Mounting Wall mounted installation
According to standard EN 61643-11:2012, IEC 61643-11:2011 / T2
Remarks Other Uc can be customized.(420VAC, 385VAC, 320VAC, etc.)