TRSB Lightning Rod


Product introduction

TRSB series of lightning rod is used to protect buildings, tall trees, etc to avoid lightning device. Installed a lightning
conduction  at the top of the  protected  objects,  conform to the  specifications  of wires  connected to the network of the
buried effusion. Lightning rod specifications must conform to GB standard, each lightning prodection category has different high speatication lightning rod.

Structure and Principle

In advance to prevent lightning rod of exciter and reflector and the collecting rod  is insulated. The tip  of the exciter
and reflector with special structure, energizer absorb and store energy from the nature of the  electric field. Reflector with
lightning rod to  connect well with the  earth and the same  potential. Typically, energizer  has certain electromagnetic field intensity with reflector. Flash  before the thunder and  lightning, lightning rod under  the effect of electrostatic induction,the lightning rod on the heterogeneous charge increased rapidly,the electric field strength rapidly boost exciter voltage between reflector and increase rapidly, cutting-edge spark breakdown the surrounding air.Ionizing air makes put lightning rod in the central collection of rod and discharge excitation device in a very short time.Preliminary put lightning rod ahead of schedule, because of its special structure, the existence of a large number of air ions to produce a faster than normal lightning rod upward discharge channel,the lightning unlike charge neutralization in advance, spilled on the earth, and the better protection for buildings.

Product features

TRSB series in discharge lightning rod is beautiful, long life characteristics. Lightning protection quality won't change,
after fully active lead thunder system when lightning will activate themselves.The electronic design of lightning rod no need maintenance, but safe and reliable.