Aluminum TRSS-485-8 Control Signal Surge Protector


Product introduction
The TRSS control signal lightning protector is used to protect sensitive high-speecommunication network lines from damage caused by lightning induced voltage, powerinterference, electrostatic discharge, etc. The signal lightning protection device adopts multi-level protection circuit, selects world-famous components, and is manufactured by advanced production technology. It has the characteristics of large current capacity, low residual voltage level, sensitive response, stable performance, and reliable operation.
Installation and maintenance
1. The lightning protection device is connected in series between the protected equipment and the signal channel.
2. The input terminal (IN) of the lightning arrester is connected to the signal channel, and the output terminal (OUT) is connected to the input terminal of the protected equipment, and cannot be reversed.
3. Reliably connect the ground wire of the lightning protection device with the ground wire of the lightning protection system.
4. This product does not require special maintenance. When the lightning protection device is suspected to be malfunctioning, the lightning protection device can be removed and thenchecked. If the system returns to normal after the system is restored to the state before use, the lightning protection device should be replaced.