TRSL Surge Protector Board


Product introduction

            THOR Series multi-function lightning proof socket are suitable for three grade power system
that has single -phase and three-wire single-phase and two-wire socket type which provided with the
common  different  protection ,mode ,it makes  surge protective device  and power  socket   perfect
integration ,applicable  for the  terminal  device  of  power system ,widely used  for IT  system  and
household appliance etc.Resistance and surge protective device inside that discharge current 1max
10ka(8/20μS) ,the normal working would be displayed by red lamp.the red lamp will turn offwhen the
Chip is bad and invalidation .B series lightning -proof socket is leakage protection can effciently
prevent prevent human electric shocking ,inprove the electric device running safely,TRSL type have the
function  of over-loading  protection ,there is a  black switch  on side,to protective your electric device,
please connected using multi-strand 4mm copper core according to the symbol(L,n)