TRS-C Surge Protection Device


Product introduction

          TRS-C series surge protective device (hereinafter referred to as SPD) are suitable for AC 50/60HZ, rated  voltage
up  to 380v LT、TT、TN-C、TN-S、TN-C-S  and  other  power  supply  system, it  protect to  indirect  and  direct lighting
effect or other transient over voltage
SPD design according with GB18802.1/IEC61643-1 standard.

Structure and principle

       SPD is a port ,shocking protection, indoor –mounted installation, voltage-limited.
SPD  hold disconnector inside, then SPD breakdown failure by over heating,the disconnector  can  remove form the
power  grid  automatically, and show  indication  signal, when  SPD is  working  properly, visible window  display green , lt
display red when it breakdown and disconnect.
1P+N ,2P+N ,3P+N  spd consist  of 1P ,2P ,3P  SPD + NPE  zero protection  module , apply to TN-S、 TN-C-S and
other power supply system

Product installation

 With 35mm standard DIN-rail mounting, connecting copper stranded conductor is 2.5~35 mm².
At front of SPD  each pole must be setted protection ---used fuse or miniature circuit breaker lightning  current  SPD
protection ,after SPD breakdown to short circuit protection.
SPD  install on protected line (equipment)  to  the front  and c onnected to  supply line. A class  products  install in the
building home-entry line hold large surge current total distribution box.B,C class products most install on the floor  distribution
box ,D class products close to the front – end  equipment  that smaller surge current, smaller residual voltage place