TRSX-20N Lightning Protection Box

Lightning Protection Box


This  product  is  applicable  to  low-voltage power supply and distribution system with power grid voltage below 1000V  and  frequency  of  50/60Hz. It is connected  to  the  power line of three-phase power supply and distribution system in parallel to prevent damage to power supply system and electrical equipment caused by impulse surge and transient overvoltage caused by lightning stroke.This  product  has  the  advantages of large reserve current capacity,  up  to  a  level of 15kA (10/350us),  safety  and relibility, reasonable structure, and convenient installation.At the same time, it is designed with Kevin wiring method to ensure the best protection effect on the power supply system. This power supply lightning protection box is widely used for lightning  protection and overvoltage protection of  the main power supply in communication equipment rooms, computer rooms, communication,  power,  factories,  mines, finance, civil aviation,  railway s, and other systems.


II:Working principle

Under normal working voltage, the lightning protection module is in a high resistance state, which does not affect  the normal operation of the circuit. The failure indicator light of the lightning protection box does not light up (the lightning protector is working normally). When an instantaneous pulse overvoltage occurs on the line due to lightning strikes or switch operations, the lightning arrester module quickly conducts within nanosecond time, and the lightning counter displays a cumulative count of times to short-ircuit the overvoltage to the ground and release it. When the pulse  overvoltage disappears, thelightning prctection module automatically restores the high resistance state, without affecting the user's power supply. When the surge current is too large and the current capacity exceeds the maximum value, the lightning protection modue deteriorates. The overcurrent and ovetheat release devices in this module will automatically dicnnect the lightning protection module dircuit, protecting tre power circuit from being affected and preverting fires; At this point, the failure indicator light turms red, indicating that the lightring arrester is faulty and reminding the  user to replace it in a timely manner.



(1) The lightning protetion box of this power supply can only be installed by professional personnel, and  the intallation  position is in a place that cannot be directly touched by human hands. Before installation Confirm that it is a non live insallation and chedk if the power lightring protection box  is intact. After power  on, the work indicator light (green light) should  light up normally, and the failure indicator light   (not lit)  should go out. If there  is  damage  or  the  red  indicator light is lit, it cannot be used.

(2) An independent air switch or fuse with a capacity of 32A-63A  should be installed at the front end of  the lightning protection box.

(3) Connect according to the L, N, and PE marked on the lightning protection box.  The cross-sectional  area of the connecting line of the phase line should not be less than 6mm2 The cros-sectional area  of  the wire ccnneclion should not be less than 10mm2 and should be as short, flat, and straight as possible.


  • Electrical Characteristics
  • Typ name
  • SPD type
  • Max. continuous operating ac. voltage (50 / 60 Hz) (Uc)
    385V AC
  • Voltage protective level(Up) (kv)
  • Nominal discharge current (8/20μs) (In)
  • Max. discharge current (8/20μs) (Imax)
  • Max impulse current(10/350μs)Iimp(kA)
  • Residual Current
  • Follow current
  • Other Max.voaltge can be option
  • Mechanical Characteristics
  • Technology
  • SPD configuration
  • Connection to Network
  • Format
  • Plugable
  • Mounting
    Wall mounted installation
  • Housing material
  • Working temperature
    -40℃-- +70℃
  • Degree of protection
  • Response time
  • Indication of invalidation
  • Remote of signalling
  • Dimension