Lightning protection for ships


Lightning protection for ships


Lightning has always been the main factor threatening the safe navigation of ships. Ship lightning protection is inseparable with the development of modern navigation technology, especially by the original wooden hull into later steel, aluminum alloy material, such as modern scientific instruments in the navigation technology has been widely used, such as navigation and positioning, wireless communication, control and avoidance control, etc., ship lightning protection is particularly important


According to the statistical data of concerned respect shows, the LOSS caused by lightning has risen to the third of natural disasters. Lightning strikes cause untold casualties and property damage around the world every year. Lightning disaster involves almost all walks of life, ships should also attach great importance to the prevention of lightning.


At present, ships mainly install lightning protection devices to prevent lightning. Lightning protection device it is mainly to all down to its nearby lightning attracted to their own body, will be as lightning flow channel, lightning flow through their own and into the earth (water), thus protecting the ship. It mainly consists of the following 3 parts: it is the conductor that accepts electricity, also known as lightning acceptor, it is the highest part of lightning protection device. Common have lightning rod, line, belt, net and so on. The second is the guide line, is the middle part of the lightning protection device, the lightning receiver is connected to the ground device. For example, the independent lightning rod made of steel can omit the guide wire. The third is the grounding device, namely the grounding pole, is the bottom part of the lightning protection device.


Entering the season of frequent thunderstorms, ships should carry out serious and careful inspection, detection and maintenance of the lightning arrester in advance to ensure that the lightning arrester is connected from top to bottom, especially the connection of the connection part should be firm, and the resistance value of the lightning arrester should meet the requirements of the provisions, so as to effectively prevent lightning.


In case of lightning and thunder, the crew should stay on deck as little as possible, preferably in the room, and close the doors and Windows; Do not use no lightning protection measures or insufficient lightning protection measures TV, audio and other electrical appliances, do not use faucets; Do not touch antennas, water pipes, barbed wire, metal doors and Windows, and ship hull. Keep away from live equipment such as electrical wires or other similar metal devices. Mobile phones should also be avoided.