The benefits of lightning to humans


The benefits of lightning to humans


When it comes to lightning, people know more about the disasters caused by lightning to human life and property. For this reason, people are not only afraid of lightning, but also very vigilant. So in addition to causing disasters to people, do you still know that thunder and lightning? What about the rare benefits of lightning. Lightning also has its indelible merits for human beings, but we don't know enough about it. The feat of thunder and lightning is a gratuitous gift from nature to human beings.


Manufacture of nitrogen fertilizers

Raiden's very important feat is to make nitrogen fertilizer. The lightning process is inseparable from lightning. The temperature of lightning is extremely high, generally above 30,000 degrees Celsius, which is five times the temperature of the surface of the sun. Lightning also causes high voltages. Under high temperature and high voltage conditions, air molecules will be ionized, and when they recombine, nitrogen and oxygen in them will be combined into nitrite and nitrate molecules, which will be dissolved in rainwater and land on the ground to become natural nitrogen fertilizer. It is estimated that there are 400 million tons of nitrogen fertilizer falling on the ground due to lightning alone every year. If all these nitrogen fertilizers fall on land, it is equivalent to applying about two kilograms of nitrogen fertilizer per mu of ground, which is equivalent to ten kilograms of ammonium sulfate.


Promote biological growth

Lightning can also promote biological growth. When lightning occurs, the electric field strength on the ground and in the sky can reach more than ten thousand volts per centimeter. Affected by such a strong potential difference, the photosynthesis and respiration of plants are enhanced. Therefore, plant growth and metabolism are particularly vigorous within one to two days after a thunderstorm. Some people stimulated crops with lightning, and found that peas branched earlier, and the number of branches increased, and the flowering period was half a month earlier; corn headed seven days earlier; and cabbage increased by 15% to 20%. Not only that, if there are five to six thunderstorms during the growing season of the crop, its maturity will also be advanced by about a week.


Produce negative oxygen ions, purify the atmospheric environment

Lightning can produce negative oxygen ions. Negative oxygen ions, also known as air vitamins, can sterilize and purify the air. After a thunderstorm, the high concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air makes the air extraordinarily fresh and people feel relaxed and happy. Experiments have shown that negative oxygen ions, called "vitamins of the air", are very beneficial to human health. When lightning occurs, strong photochemical action will cause a part of oxygen in the air to react to generate ozone with bleaching and sterilizing effects. After a thunderstorm, the temperature drops, the ozone in the air increases, and the raindrops wash away the dust in the air, people will feel the air is extraordinarily fresh. Another reason why lightning can purify the near-surface air environment is that it can diffuse atmospheric pollutants. The updraft accompanied by lightning can bring the polluted atmosphere stagnant below the troposphere to an altitude of more than 10 kilometers.


pollution-free energy

Lightning is a non-polluting energy source. It can discharge 1 to 1 billion joules at a time, and studies have confirmed that directly citing the large pulse current in lightning can generate an impact force of hundreds of thousands of times the atmospheric pressure. Using this huge impact force, the soft ground can be compacted, thus saving a lot of energy for construction projects. According to the principle of high-frequency induction heating, the high temperature generated by lightning can make the water in the rock expand to achieve the purpose of breaking the rock and mining ore. Unfortunately, humans are currently unable to take advantage of it.


Lightning can predict the weather.

Humans have many experiences in using thunder and lightning to forecast weather changes. For example, if you see lightning in the west or north, the thunderstorm cloud that produced the lightning may soon move to the local area; if there is lightning in the east or south, it indicates that the thunderstorm cloud has moved and the local weather will improve.


Lightning produces fire, which inspires human understanding and application of fire

Lightning strikes the forest again and again, causing fires, and the bodies of animals burned by fire are obviously more delicious than raw animals, which effectively inspired the understanding and application of fire by human ancestors. Human society began to eat nutrient-rich cooked food for a long time. It improves the development of human brain and muscles, prolongs human lifespan, and promotes the development of human civilization.

To sum up, lightning has many positive effects in the development of human society. In addition, lightning is rich in high energy, but it is only affected by the actual technical level, and this energy cannot be used by human beings. Perhaps in the near future, with the development of science and technology, thunder and lightning will also become an energy that humans can control.