THOR LED Surge Protection device


THOR LED surge protection device


LEDs lamp are voltage sensitive device that must provide a voltage above its threshold voltage and a current below its rating. Even if the applied voltage changes very little, its life will be greatly reduced. In order to prevent failure or extend its service life, the installation of the correct surge protection device (SPD) is highly recommended to prevent surge damage.


Low-voltage surge protector TRSS-LED is a compact surge protection device (SPD) especially suitable for lightning and surge protection of outdoor LED lights and LED street lamps. The full-mode protection circuit enables it to be widely used worldwide. VT technology is used to eliminate leakage current to the ground (or protection conductor) to avoid failure of the upstream residual current protection device.


Product Features


TRSS-LED is suitable for Un single phase 110~347Vac,VT (GDT and MOV in series) technology to eliminate leakage current. Compliant with IEC 61643-11, waterproof rating IP67, designed to protect single-phase LED lights or other electrical and electronic installations and provide better reliability and robustness as well as TOV (temporary overvoltage) tolerance, maximum discharge current up to 10kA (8/20us) for L-PE, LN, N-PE provides full-mode protection.